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Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar

In the hands of a master, the acoustic guitar is a living breathing soul, with individuals in the audience enraptured by the complex qualities of its six strings. An acoustic guitar is generally used by learners because it produces a cleaner sound. and is more portable, making it ideal to transport to private lessons and parties

If you want to learn how to play the guitar and have chosen the acoustic guitar as your instrument, you must know all of the parts of your instrument and how they work together. The bottom of your acoustic guitar is called the body. The body is large and hollow and it contains the sound hole, pick guard, saddle, and bridge. The sound hole is the part of the instrument which allows the sound of the strings to be projected and the pick guard serves to protect the body of your guitar from scratches as you use the pick to strum the strings. The saddle is a small piece, often made of wood or plastic, which holds the strings away from the body and the bridge is what keeps the strings in the correct position. The long, narrow part of your acoustic guitar is called the neck and at the opposite end of the neck from the body is the head of the guitar. The head is home of the tuning keys which, when tightened and loosened can be used to adjust the pitch of the guitar string attached to it.

An acoustic guitar is arguably the best to learn on, choosing the right one is easy, once you know how. For a novice player, the most important thing about choosing the right acoustic guitar is to find an instrument with which they are comfortable. Acoustic guitars come in three standard sizes, usually defined as parlor, standard, and jumbo.

Perhaps one of the most common acoustic guitar is the classical guitar. During the 1970's most beginner guitar players started with a Yamaha G-50 guitar this instrument was a high quality full size classical nylon strung guitar for under one hundred dollars.

Today, the six-string, steel string acoustic guitar is the most popular for beginners. Steel strung acoustic guitars are featured on almost every pop recording as they provide a clean, high frequency to help make the recording "sizzle". The recent MTV "unplugged" series featuring well known established artists such as, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Sting brought a revitalized interest in the acoustic guitar.

Apart from pop music, acoustic guitars are the instrument of choice for many country and folk and bluegrass guitarists. If you want to hear the steel string acoustic guitar in full flight I recommend listening to guitarist Tony Rice.

Acoustic guitars almost always have six strings. In recent times the steel string guitar has become available with optional cutaway and electric pickups.Some solo performers prefer to use a twelve string, steel sting acoustic guitar for it's full rich sound.

The type and quality of wood used to construct the acoustic guitar is the most important factor in determining sound, durability, and appearance. A solid wood acoustic guitar is made from thin pieces of wood (under 1/8th of an inch thick); and because the wood is so thin it has a great deal of surface area and therefore it both gains and loses moisture very quickly.

The sound of an acoustic guitar is largely air, once a string is plucked the resulting vibrations are transferred to the top of the guitar via the bridge saddle and bridge. The acoustic guitar top essentially acts as an air-pump moving the air inside the guitar.

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