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Learn graphic design with Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6 includes breakthrough innovations and breakthrough performance expanding border wonderful science of image, and create a new level of creativity and visual effects. Photoshop CS6 Extended is integrated integrates advanced tools for 3D design, image and video editing. Serving up job graphic design, web, video, architecture, medical and industrial engineering.
The interface of Photoshop CS6 will work with a darker background makes a striking and unique. This type of interface has also been used quite effectively in Lightroom, Photoshop Elements as well as more consistent with Phase One Capture One, DxO Optics Pro and other software. However, if users do not like Photoshop dark background can be customized with different levels include gray, dark gray and black.

Content-Aware Patch

The new content-aware patch allows you to remove undesirable content from a photo or other image, replacing it seamlessly with the background. The tool allows you to remove figures, vehicles and a wide range of other images, then show Photoshop the areas from which you'd like to sample. The program then automatically creates a new, seamless patch. This tool provides a considerable improvement in matching quality compared to Photoshop CS5's content-aware fill tool.

Mercury Graphics Engine

The Mercury graphics engine keeps you from having to wait to see the results when you're using warp, liquefy and other distortion tools. You get to see the changes in the image and adjust your settings nearly in real-time. That provides a high level of responsiveness and gives your work flow a much more fluid feeling.

Blur Gallery

Adobe Photoshop CS6 also offers a new blur gallery that lets you choose the perfect blur effect for your image. Instead of going through filters one at a time, you have the ability to work from a single panel, blurring whole areas, then sharpening a focal point, varying blurriness by choosing more than one focal point, or creating "tilt-shift" effects. The blur gallery relies on the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Mercury graphics engine, producing immediate results.

 If you're doing a lot of high-end graphic work your going to need plenty of storage space. This isn't because the program itself is big, but the files, which output can be.

In an ideal world you will need four drives. I know this sounds a lot, but we are building the Ultimate CS6 PC, so four drives is the only way to get optimal performance. Ill explain why. One for your operating system, one for the your files and one for what is called the "scratch disk".

The scratch disk is a part of the hard drive which Adobe uses as virtual memory.

You can use fewer drives if you wish, but the most common reason for performance slow down is bottlenecks and having just one disk for everything will create bottlenecks. The cost of Computer Hardware is cheap these days and especially hard drives, spending money in this area will pay off.

Graphics Card

The new Photoshop CS6 runs on Adobe new Mercury Engine which is equipped with new GPU Acceleration tools such as blur and liquefy and more wide angled effects.

To make the most of these new tools you will need a graphics card from the new NVIDIA Quadro range and these aren't something you will find in a normal high street bought PC.

The Quadro graphics cards can be very expensive, but you will not need the top of the range, even the modest Quadro 2000 will suffice.

When you put all these together you should have the hardware which will allow you to experience the best of Photoshop CS6 in all its glory. This is a very capable piece of software which will push to Computer Hardware of today to its very limits, but the end result if something quite spectacular.

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